Make managing Punch Lists a breeze with a suite of Geographical Information System (GIS) based workflow applications.

As construction managers and operations managers will attest, managing punch lists post construction of newly built solar plants can be cumbersome. A punch list is essentially a list of all items that do not conform to contract specifications at or near the end of construction. The general contractor must rectify all items before receiving final payments for work completed. The asset owner obviously wants to ensure and confirm that all punch list items are properly addressed before releasing payments.

Now imagine a 100 MW solar site spanning over 200 hectares. There are likely to be numerous punch-list items distributed across the entire area of the solar plant eg: missing panels, damaged panels, misaligned tables, damaged structures, disconnected cables, exposed trenches, debris accumulation and many more. Charging the plant (i.e. powering it up) tends to expose additional issues such as string disconnected, reverse polarity etc. All these issues, or items on the punch list, need to be recorded, tracked, resolved, with a confirmation of resolution. All issues need to be resolved to the satisfaction of the asset owner’s project managers, independent engineers, and operations & maintenance personnel who will takeover management of the operating plant.

So how is this done today? Largely using good old pen and paper to make a note of all the open issues on site, transferring these to Excel, and using Excel to keep track of open issues. Evidence to confirm resolution of an issue can be in the form of pictures, or just confirmation/verification on site by Project Managers or Independent Engineers. There are several challenges and inefficiencies in this process. One key issue is ineffective collaboration due to the challenge of communicating the location of a specific issue or locating a highlighted issue on large sites. This can be quite cumbersome to do so amidst a sea of solar panels. Today, the communication largely happens through a flurry of email exchanges and multiple calls. This process is full of friction and highly inefficient with many man-hours wasted in un-productive activities.

The SenseHawk Core SaaS Suite of cloud applications, namely, SenseHawk Terra, Desk and App combine very effectively to substantially increase efficiency of Punch List Management. Terra enables accurate capture of site condition with a drone scan conducted on a specific target date. Terra provides a high resolution map of the site with each component mapped to the plant layout, and labeled as per the naming convention followed by EPC or Asset Owner. Desk is a ticketing application that enables team members to create tickets for each item on the Punch List and tag it to the specific component or site location on the Site Map.

Access to the Site Map and tickets is available through the Core Web Application or SenseHawk Mobile App. A ticket can be viewed on the Site Map, and acted upon by any of collaborating team members with the appropriate read and write permissions for the ticket. The Mobile App is geo-location enabled, so site personnel can navigate to the exact Punch list item location on site. While acting on the specific Punch List issue, the ticket can be viewed, status updated after taking necessary action, and evidence in the form of photos/videos can be captured and attached to the ticket. All updates to the ticket are captured in an audit trail, and automatic notifications generated for all relevant team members and managers.

Inter-organisation collaboration is enabled with concept of Guest Users, where the Asset Owner or EPC Contractor can invite users from other organisations such as subcontractors, Independent Engineers, and OEM personnel to collaborate on ticket workflows related to specific Punch List items. Granular access permissions ensure that each user only sees and contributes to whichever ticket he or she is allowed to work on. Every user is instantly updated of status of each ticket through the browser or Mobile App, with real time status dashboards providing over view of status of resolution of Punch List items. This eliminates time wasted in capturing data in Excel and preparing reports indicating status of the Punch List. Since collaboration is seamless, time to resolution is reduced with beneficial impact in terms of increased generation or accelerating the date of completion and handover of asset to Operations & Maintenance.

Is effective Punch List management a challenge for you and your organization? We would love to hear from you.

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