Organizing Solar Asset Data – A Digital Twin Based Approach

As a solar Asset Manager or O&M Manager, I am sure you have faced the all-too-familiar problem of simply locating and accessing relevant files and data related to your solar plant. Somebody needs a document, say a warranty document, flash test data or as-built drawing. What follows is a productivity draining exercise that results in

Top 10 Drone Data Applications in Solar PV

Data collected using drones is proving to be invaluable for terrain mapping, progress and quality monitoring during construction, and thermal defect detection Drones are now increasingly being used at solar PV sites, for both grounds mount as well as rooftop solar plants. Data collected using drones adds value across the lifecycle of a solar plant

A Digital Solution for Managing Construction Punch Lists in Solar

Make managing Punch Lists a breeze with a suite of Geographical Information System (GIS) based workflow applications. As construction managers and operations managers will attest, managing punch lists post construction of newly built solar plants can be cumbersome. A punch list is essentially a list of all items that do not conform to contract specifications