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Our software can help improve processes, enhance efficiency and reduce cost. Manage your solar sites with SenseHawk

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Civil engineering

Analyse & organize terrain information from different sources (SRTM, ALTA/Manual surveys, LIDAR, Drones)

Manage design layout options and revisions

Run terrain analysis functions (hydrology, leveling and grading)

Measure volumes, manage SWPPP

Construction management

Monitor and manage construction from anywhere

Use tickets and checklists to manage site work, quality & safety

Manage and resolve punch-lists

Use mobile devices to navigate site, complete work, resolve punch-lists, automate reporting, scan barcodes into digital model

Operations & maintenance

Use drone data to identify string-outs, hotspots and weed out performance issues

Schedule, complete on-site preventive maintenance tasks and resolve issues 

Navigate sites effortlessly using mobile devices and get all the information you need at your fingertips 

Monitor on-site activity and generate automated reports

File management

Store, organize all project files/ documents and link them to the as-built model

Import data from computer, mobile and cloud storage services

Create data rooms to share data with internal and external users securely

 Access files from anywhere with the SenseHawk mobile app for Android and iOS 

Commercial & Residential

Manage work on multiple sites efficiently with desk & app

Provide work teams with all required information in the form of attached files and checklists

Collaborate, chat, attach images, report issues, scan components and more, with a mobile phone

Assign work remotely, monitor status, manage safety, automate reporting


Application modules

SenseHawk application modules either perform specialized analytics/functions or provide business process tools. Modules can be used independently or with other modules to support business functions

Terrain processing and analytics, design overlay, visualization, measurements, drone data processing


Construction progress monitoring, dashboards, productivity management, design vs as-built comparisons


Drone thermal image processing, automated hotspot detection & classification, yield loss estimation


On-site navigation, task & punch-list closure, issue reporting, material scanning, offline operation, automated work reports


Tickets, punch-lists, scheduled tasks, quality & inspection checklists, SOPs, attachments and collaboration


Documents, folder management, cloud storage integration, data room, collaboration, component-file linkage

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